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Here at All the Kids, we have carefully chosen the brands we use and look closely into their values and how the products are made.


Today we’re looking at Londji

Founded in 2004 in Barcelona, with the aim of bringing the world of art, games and toys together, Londji makes a range of original games and puzzles aimed at making children think and sharing moments together.


The Ethos

Londji is founded on 3 core principles, which we adore and whole heartedly agree with:

  1. Imagination is best.
  2. We claim the right to be kids regardless of our age.
  3. Playing is the best way to learn.


Why we stock them?



Londji makes beautiful quality toys and games which are safe for children. Their products:

  • Use the best materials
  • Are designed by 25 people, testing out the products themselves
  • Are manufactured using their own original designs
  • Respect working conditions
  • Respect the planet


Environmental credentials

Londji’s products are designed and manufactured in Spain between the office in Barcelona and the factory in Porqueres (Banyoles). This generates work and wealth in the local area, but also reduces carbon footprint by being made in the same country.

In terms of the manufacturing the products are:

  • Made using wood or paper from carefully managed forests, identified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and recycled cardboard
  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes as packaging – recyclable when it reaches the end of its use
  • Use organic dyes for colouring wood


They say, “We think about leaving a better world for our children, with the values of honesty that our grandparents transmitted to us.”