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Ocean Memory Matching + Snap Game

  • £10.95

Why we love it

This is a brilliant game for animal lovers. There are 11 different types of ocean life, showing a beautiful illustration of the creature. With these cards you can play a range of games including  snap or memory games where you take turns to turn over 2 cards looking for pairs. Great for developing memory, recognition and concentration skills and improving speech and communication. The size of these cards also makes them a great option to take out and about, in your bag of tricks to keep little ones entertained when you’re out and about or something to do on a rainy day.

These are also brilliant paired with our Tender leaf wooden animal figures and our Happy Little Dooers ‘Ocean flash cards’.

The Facts

  • 44 jumbo playing cards
  • Includes: x4 Clownfish, x4 Seahorse, x4 Pufferfish, x4 Hawksbill Sea Turtle, x4 Bluefin Tuna, x4 Sailfish, x4 Box Jellyfish, x4 Great White Shark, x4 Humpback Whale, x4 Anglerfish, x4 Colossal Squid
  • Made by Happy little Dooers
  • Suggested age 3+

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