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Emotions stones play ideas

Emotions stones play ideas

We love our Yellow door emotions stones, they are so versatile to use in play and are nearly indestructible for little hands! Use inside or out to help little ones understand their emotions. Here are a few ideas for what you could do with them!

1"Emotions Stones Sort and Classify": Provide children with a variety of emotions stones, each with a different emotion or feeling written on it (e.g. happy, sad, angry, etc.). Have children sort and classify the stones according to different emotions or feelings. This activity can help children to learn and understand different emotions and feelings.

2."Emotions Stones Matching Game": Create a matching game using emotions stones and pictures of faces showing different emotions or feelings. Children can match the emotions stones to the pictures of faces showing the same emotion or feeling.

3."Emotions Stones Feelings Jar": Create a feelings jar using emotions stones. Children can pick a stone from the jar and share how that emotion or feeling makes them feel. This activity can help children to express and understand their own emotions and feelings, as well as learn about the emotions and feelings of others.

4."Emotions Stones Role Play": Provide children with emotions stones and props and let them act out different emotions or feelings. For example, if they pick an "angry" stone, they can act out being angry. This activity can help children to learn how to express and identify different emotions and feelings through role-playing.