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Benefits Of Wooden Toys

Benefits Of Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys here at All The Kids. From space rockets, wooden dinosaurs and castles to cakes & flowers there is something for everyone. There are so many great things about wooden toys we wanted to shout about why we love them so much.

1. They are better for the environment

What could be more important in todays world for the futures of our children? All our wooden toys are made from sustainable wood and many use waste products. Plastic toys are produced from oil and unlike wooden toys will not biodegrade over time so will be around for generations to come. Even better we plant a tree by partnering with Ecologi for every product sold, so this makes it an even better option!

Going on a bear hunt wooden toy

2. They are more durable than plastic toys

Our 4 year old doesn't always treat her toys with the respect they deserve! However her wooden animals and pretend play toys are still in great condition. Plastic is often brittle and is prone to cracks & snapping, although wooden toys won't always stay perfect forever they do take rough treatment well! Most wooden toys are also made in a traditional fashion with dowels and joints. So if the worst was to happen you can often repair a wooden toy using some wood glue.

3. Wooden toys are safer

All our toys are made to the highest safety standards, wooden toys are made from natural materials and always using non toxic paints. Plastic toys are made from synthetic materials made from a number of chemicals. When plastic toys break they often leave sharp exposed edges which can cause cuts and scrapes making the toy unusable.

Wooden DInosaur Toy

4. Inspire creativity!

Our range of wooden toys offer so many options for kids to be creative and use their imagination. This is such an important time in a Childs development for them to develop their motor skills, social skills and problem solving. Children often use the toys in the most unexpected ways and love creating scenarios and games which you would never have thought of!