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Animal Forest Wooden Set

  • £19.50
  • £32.95

 Why We Love It

This mix of wooden animals, trees & children is designed to inspire imaginative play and foster a deep understanding of perspective and distance. 

Containing a delightful assortment of pieces in various scales, allowing children to arrange them in a way that visually illustrates the concept of objects appearing smaller when they are farther away. It's an engaging and interactive lesson in perspective, helping children develop a keen sense of spatial awareness. Children can let their creativity run wild and create enchanting scenarios where majestic animals roam through a vibrant forest. 

Some of the pieces showcase their natural wood finish, radiating a warm and organic charm. Others are lovingly painted in a pleasing mix of earthy tones, vibrant colours, and serene whites, creating a captivating ensemble that appeals to both children and parents alike.

The Facts

  • UKCA Tested
  • 27.5cm x 14.3cm x 7.8cm (Box)
  • Suggested age 3+
  • Made by Eguchi

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