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Love Writing Co. Tripod Grip writing pencils - Age 3-5 years

  • £5.99

Why we love it

With our eldest at school, we wanted to support her learning and discovered Love Writing Co. and their amazing products.

Take away the tears and frustrations of learning to write with Love Writing Co. handwriting practice pencils, which have been especially developed to fit a child’s hands, making learning to write easier, quicker and more enjoyable. Designed to be the correct length and with a wider diameter, softer core and hexagonal shape, our pencils prevent muscle fatigue and encourage the correct tripod grip from the very beginning,  promoting a love of writing from an early age. Break resistant and an easy comfortable grip means neat and tidy handwriting from the beginning.  The pencils are also ideal for left or right handers.

The Facts

Perfectly designed for a child's hand:

  • Wider diameter -  easy to hold
  • Softer core - pencil moves smoothly
  • Hexagonal shape - aids tripod grip
  • Correct length - ages 3-5 years
  • Premium finish - simple to clean
  • Linden wood -  strong but light
  • Responsibly sourced - FSC Certified
  • Endorsed by The British Dyslexia Association

Will help your child: 

  • Write more often
  • Learn to write in comfort
  • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip
  • Develop hand muscle co-ordination
  • Learn pencil control
  • Apply less pressure when writing
  • Helps improve fine motor skills

We plant a tree with every order

With every order placed a tree is planted through our partnership with Ecologi, allowing our customers to contribute to real climate action and help restore our planet.